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Frequently asked

The programme

Do the students stay at the same location these four years?

Yes, both the MYP and VWO programme are situated at the same location. Supreme College is an independent location.

What is MYP exactly?

The Middle Years Programme is part of the educational programme by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). It is designed to provide an international education that will enable young people to better understand and manage the complexities of our world. It provides the students with academic challenge and life skills. The MYP offers students opportunities to develop their potential, to explore their own learning preferences, to take appropriate risks and to reflect on and develop a strong sense of personal identity.

It is, therefore, a type of education for students who wish to learn in a different way, who need more challenge and who are triggered by the international issues of our time.

What is the Dutch VWO programme?

In comparison with other countries, the Dutch VWO programme is a highly academic education. It provides direct access to all universities in the world, although some universities uphold specific application restrictions. At VWO the students take all eight subjects at the same academic level. Some subjects are compulsory: Dutch, English and a second foreign language. The students can choose between two streams at Supreme College consisting of four subjects. The ‘Nature’ stream comprises: maths B, chemistry, physics and biology. The ‘Society’ stream means: maths A, economics, history and business economics. Each students then chooses at least one extra subject.

What does a school week look like?

Each day of the week students are at school from 08.30 – 16.30. The subjects are taught in morning or afternoon shifts. This allows for the possibility of deep concentration and breaks and relax time when necessary. The students will be able to do most or even all of their school work during these hours. Also, during a regular school day the students have the opportunity to schedule some time in which they can work on a subject or skill of their own choice.

Books will be provided at school so no heavy bags to drag home.

Is it difficult to go from MYP in year 4 to VWO in year 5?

No, not really. At the moment there are two schools in the Netherlands that offer a similar programme and it appears that it takes students one or two months to adjust to the VWO programme. Data from the other schools shows they do better at the VWO exams.

What if students do not master the Dutch language?

Supreme College Nederland is bilingual. Dutch learners need to improve their English and English speaking students need to focus on Dutch. The language of instruction, therefore, is adjusted to the listener and the teachers will help the students in this. Moreover, every Tuesday afternoon there is NT2 class for English speaking students to improve their Dutch language skills.

School fees

Compared to International schools, the school fee is very modest. How is that possible?

It is true that some International schools even ask for more than 10,000 euros per year. The school fee at Supreme College Nederland is only 495 euros annually. The main reason for this is that Supreme College is a state funded school. Since the students also get the Dutch VWO diploma, the school is entitled to full funding. This means that also the school books are provided for.

Is everything included in the school fee?

All the regular expenses are included. However, field trips or foreign trips are not included.

The school building

It is an old building but is it convenient for the students?

The building is quite old indeed but that is only on the outside. On the inside it is super modern with all kinds of new and flexible solutions. It doesn’t look like a school building but it is exactly what we need at Supreme College.

Is it close to public transport?

It is located in the heart of the safe town of Castricum and at walking distance from the train station (10 minutes). There is a bus stop right next to the building.

What about wifi?

It may be an older building but the equipment is modern. All students need to be able to work on their devices so there is well-working wifi.

Supreme College Nederland is a joint educational initiative of Jac. P. Thijsse College and Bonhoeffercollege in Castricum. Jac. P. Thijsse College boasts a long tradition of expertise in bilingual education and participates in an extensive international school network. Bonhoeffercollege possesses a unique specialism in science with its technasium. These strengths complement each other at Supreme College Nederland. A modern and up-to-date alternative for European and International schools, both within and outside the Kennemerland region.