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Dutch and international students


Supreme College focuses on Dutch and international students who want to be challenged from vwo 3 onwards. Do you have an international mindset and do you want to be at the heart of Dutch society? Are you ambitious and are you open to a different way of education? Then Supreme College Netherlands might be just the thing for you!

At Supreme College we do not work with a traditional timetable, but you take a maximum of two subjects per day, each lasting 3 hours. This gives you more time to study the material in-depth, you can make connections with other subjects and there is more opportunity to determine your own learning route.

Because you have more time to process the subject matter during these 3 hours, you cover all the material at school. You have no homework and do not have to drag heavy books around every day, these stay at our school.

What do we expect from a student at Supreme?

  • An international mindset
  • Completely familiar with the digital world
  • 2 VWO or similar level
  • An inquisitive and positive attitude towards learning
  • A desire for collaboration
  • A critical and creative mind
  • An inquiring and analyzing disposition
  • A broad interest
  • Concern for your environment and a sustainable world

IB Learner Profile

It is our aim that students at Supreme College develop according to the concepts below. These are derived from the IB learner profile. We would like students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers who are aware of the world around them:

You are curious and knowledgeable

  • You like to research important topics and current affairs.
  • You want to know how things work.
  • You do not shy away from major issues.
  • You are a critical and creative thinker.

You are open-minded with an international mindset

  • You appreciate your own culture and the culture of others.
  • You understand that students with a different background can view things very differently.
  • You like to make contact with other cultures.
  • You have an open mind so you do not judge easily.

You are a reflective thinker

  • You think about your own development.
  • You think about the world around you in combination with your experiences and ideas.
  • You know your strengths and weaknesses and so you know what you still need to develop.
  • You look at your own role in group work.

You dare to take risks

  • You are not afraid of new challenges.
  • You approach unfamiliar situations with confidence and determination.
  • You can work independently, also to try out new ideas or new strategies.
  • You are honest and sincere, in your work for school and to others.

You have an eye for others and you are helpful

  • You are empathetic, respectful and, where necessary, you show compassion.
  • You like to help others, want to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
  • You have a heart for your environment and a sustainable world.

You are at the centre of society

  • You like to take part in Dutch society.
  • You are at home in the digital world.