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Transition to
5 vwo


To make the transition to 5vwo easier, you will choose the profile you want to do before 4vwo. Our career teachers will tell you more about this, but this means that you will already choose the subject of physics in MYP 5 (for the science profiles) or economy/business economics (for the society profiles).

One modern foreign language is also compulsory, in addition to English. At Supreme College you can choose between German and Spanish. You can drop one of these subjects in MYP 5 vwo.


You will notice that the vwo programme focuses more on knowledge than on skills, which is a change after two years of MYP. You will also notice that the skills you acquired in MYP will help you to successfully complete the vwo programme.

From 5 vwo onwards, the lessons will focus on preparing for the exam in 6 vwo. In spite of the above-mentioned changes in the programme, we will maintain the timetable in which one subject is central each half-day.
You will have already completed the subjects ACE and Social Studies in MYP 5; in 5 vwo you will also complete the profile thesis. The profile thesis is a research project that you do for one of your subjects or a combination of them. It is comparable to the personal project you made for the MYP.